Cyber Saathi™ for Corporates, Businesses & Professionals

 The Cyber Saathi™ For Corporates, Business entities and Professionals helps in identifying and understanding digital assets and the need for their protection and preemptive steps against violation of rights pertaining to such digital assets. Ms. Nappinai, Founder, Cyber Saathi brings her domain expertise in handling innumerable cybercrime cases impacting corporates, businesses and professionals in formulating this initiative. Please refer to the Programs page here 

The program is intended to help the above stakeholders protect their businesses and prevent against losses not just when a breach or data theft occurs but also to handle such situations in an effective manner. Unique and customised programs are structured to ensure such prevention and protection and also provide guidance on processes for handling of electronic evidence. The program is NOT intended as a legal audit or review of corporate or business processes on legalities, as the same would be a professional engagement. the program is intended only as an awareness program to ensure understanding of the need for digital awareness, safety and preventive measures for protection.

The program is unique as it is engaging and interactive and uses fun methodologies to impart the above knowledge. The program is intended for employers, top management and employees. It covers aspects of gender sensitization and emphasizes and encourages gender equality and parity through interactive exercises.

Participants are informed on legal aspects of the proprietary rights pertaining to data and material created during employment and the consequences of and remedies to cybercrimes, specifically data theft, hacking, ransomware, virus attacks and defamation.

Cyber Saathi will be undertaking further programs under this initiative through its internal resources and also with collaborations and partnerships with other Civil Society Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations; Governmental organisations / Initiatives, individuals / corporates / educational entities / law enforcement agencies / Industry verticals / Chambers of Commerce / Think Tanks and other corporate organisations.

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