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Cyber Saathi™ for Judiciary is intended to strengthen awareness on cyberlaws with special focus on cybercrimes, emerging technologies and electronic evidence amongst judiciary through meticulously curated content. India has been slowly evolving laws, regulations and policies for combating cybercrimes. Yet the pace has been slow, not only in the formulation of laws and regulations but also in their implementation. It is imperative that the judiciary is well equipped to handle the complexities of the cases arising out of the digital domain and demonstrates its strength through speedy and effective disposal of cases pertaining to cybercrimes.

Ms. N.S. Nappinai, founder of Cyber Saathi™, brings her extensive expertise in practise of cyber laws and handling of training for judiciary for nearly 15 years in formulating the initiative for judicial training with special focus on cybercrimes, electronic evidence and emerging technologies.Please refer to the Programs page here 

Through the use of an interdisciplinary approach, interactive techniques, elaboration on laws and case laws, the Cyber Saathi™ for Judiciary initiative provides an all-round understanding of Cyber laws in India and the interpretation and application of the same by Courts. Participants are provided with practical information to guide handling of cases pertaining to cybercrimes and also on appreciation of electronic evidence.

Cyber Saathi will be undertaking further programs under this initiative through its internal resources and also with collaborations and partnerships with other Civil Society Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations; Governmental organisations / Initiatives, individuals / corporates / educational entities / law enforcement agencies / Judicial Academies.

Please write to us on [email protected] for more details and information on the above initiative or fill in details here.

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