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Cyber Saathi encourages submission of Research Papers (approx. 2500 – 4000 words) / Articles (800 – 1500 words) / White Papers (minimum 2500 words) by experts in their respective field, be it on Cyber Safety, Cyber Security, Cyber laws, policies and frameworks.  Contributions will be reviewed by the Cyber Saathi team or peer reviewed, depending on the content. Accepted submissions will be published on the Cyber Saathi Website with due accreditation of authorship. Copyright to all submissions accepted for publications, will stand assigned to the Owner of the Website, as more fully set out hereunder. Acceptance of submissions is solely at the discretion of Cyber Saathi.

Users may also refer to content on the following pages: FAQ, Case Studies, Books, Cyber Saathi Publications / Articles and Founder Publications & Articles.

Third Party Submission Notice

Cyber SaathiTM is an initiative intended to provide information and knowledge for the personal use of the User. All the information and / or material contained, presented or found on this website including those submitted for publication on this website, if accepted, shall be owned by N. S. Nappinai and all copyright in all such content vests solely with N. S. Nappinai, Founder Cyber Saathi. Users confirm that all submissions are original and do not violate third party rights in any manner whatsoever. Users shall ensure that no illegal content is shared on or through the Website in any manner, whatsoever and any such attempt shall result in commencement of prosecution.

User may submit their article, research paper, white paper or other work for peer review and publication on the website. Acceptance of any such submission shall be at the sole discretion of the Cyber Saathi website and its founder or such person or authority designated by the Founder. Upon submission of the work, User shall be deemed to have assigned all rights in and to the work, in perpetuity to N. S. Nappinai, the owner of this Website. User shall ensure that only original works of the User with no infringing or third-party content is submitted for publication. User shall indemnify and hold harmless, Cyber Saathi, its founders, Board, directors, representative, officers, employees, agents and assigns from and against any claim, decree, order, judgment, charge, penalty, liability, damage, loss, cost, or expense (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by Cyber Saathi or its Founder due to the User’s commissions or omissions, negligence, infringement of proprietary rights or content, gross negligence, misconduct, or abandonment of its obligations. In the event of initiation of legal proceedings, User shall ensure defense of any claim by counsel of Cyber Saathi and / or its Founder’s choice. Settlement of any claim shall not bind Cyber Saathi or its founders, Board, directors, representative, officers, employees, agents and assigns, if the same creates any liability on them.

Third parties, whose rights may have been infringed are requested to contact Cyber Saathi and submit its complaint in writing along with proof of such infringement and such infringing content shall be removed by Cyber Saathi within reasonable timeframes and after verification of the complaint in writing. This shall be without prejudice to Cyber Saathi, its founders, Board, directors, representative, officers, employees, agents and assigns’ rights to exemptions and protections under applicable laws.

User affirms having read and accepted all the terms and conditions of usage of this site including the terms of this Copyright policy. User confirms that all contents provided are true and correct. User confirms that use by Cyber Saathi, of the content or information provided by User, may be used as a case study, testimonial or for research purposes and such use does not amount to a breach or violation of the rights of User or of any confidentiality mandate.

Cyber Saathi reserves the right to periodically review and revise this Copyright Policy. User is required to periodically review terms and any changes thereto. Continued use of the Cyber Saathi website constitutes agreement of User to the terms contained herein, including any amendments and modifications made hereto.

All other provisions of the Cyber Saathi Terms of Service and Privacy Policy shall be read into this policy and shall form part hereof, including Governing Laws, Dispute Resolution and jurisdiction. User agrees, accepts and confirms that User has read, reviewed and understood the terms herein and for use of the website and by using this site, the User consents to the terms of usage, copyright policy and privacy policy and such or other terms and conditions set out herein without demur.

All Rights Reserved. © Copyright 2020 – N. S. Nappinai Founder, 
Cyber Saathi

“Cyber Saathi is a not for profit initiative of the founders intended only for information and knowledge and personal use of Users. Nothing contained herein is legal advice or opinion. Copyright to contents in its entirety of website, case studies, articles, stories and data shared, except News, is owned by N. S. Nappinai, founder, Cyber Saathi. Copying, reproducing, sharing, distributing or using for any other purpose is an infringement. Quotes from the website to be attributed to “Cyber Saathi – An Initiative of N. S. Nappinai”. Content, which violates third party IPR shall not be shared and grievances to be submitted for action. Parental guidance and consent are mandated as case studies and content may relate to heinous offences. Cyber Saathi shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever including, for loss or damages, as set out in its Terms of Usage and other policies, for use of this website or sharing of information. By continuing further on this website, User is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to abide by the Terms of Usage, Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy.

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