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Technology Laws Decoded provides a comprehensive introduction to the various facets of Technology Laws; trends; and the extent to which legislations have kept pace with the super paced growth of Technology. The book explains the interplay of technology with India’s Constitution, crimes, contracts and intellectual property. It examines laws existing in India and other Jurisdictions including the US, UK, EU, Singapore and Australia, developed through legislation and judicial decisions.

The book delves into the procedural aspects impacted by the digital medium i.e., jurisdiction and electronic evidence. Several aspects including cyber policies, cyber terrorism, existing frameworks for cyber warfare and emerging policies on Cloud Computing, Drones and Internet of Things amongst others, are elucidated in the book, with legislative pointers.

Each of the topics covered in the book gives a new twist to the well-established legal principles and concepts and makes the reader think beyond the obvious, that is, not only the applicability of new age laws but also the extent of purposive interpretation of existing laws in India and other jurisdictions. Case studies & International precedents have been set out on areas where law may not have evolved in India. The book will be relevant for Indian as well as international practitioners to understand the varied legal perspectives on the subject across different jurisdictions.

The book is intended for every reader practicing or impacted by Technology laws including Judicial officers; Legislators and policymakers, Advocates; Enforcement Authorities; Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies; Industry (not just the IT or ITES as all Corporate entities are affected by one or more of the Technology laws) & academicians and students pursuing this evolving field of law.

Key Features:-

  • Comprehensive commentary on Cyber Laws in India.
  • Provides 360° view of cyber laws through a study of the interplay of technology with different branches of law including: Technology and Constitution; Technology and Crimes, IPR, Contracts
  • Delves into procedural aspects of Jurisdiction and Electronic Evidence, impacted by technological developments
  • Thematically arranged chapters discuss interplay of provisions of (i) Information Technology Act, 2000 (ii) Indian Penal Code, 1860 (iii) Indian Evidence Act, 1882 (iv) Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973; Indian Constitution; IP Enactments and Contracts Act, 1872;
  • Includes comparative analysis of the law in India with other evolved jurisdictions including, where applicable, UK, EU, USA, Canada and Singapore
  • Flow-charts, diagrams and figures have been included to explain Techno-legal aspects and the legal provisions.
  • Discusses several aspects including cyber terrorism, existing frameworks for cyber warfare and cyber policies including for emerging technologies including Cloud Computing, Drones and Internet of Things.



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