Posting False Details On Matrimonial Sites Can Land You In Jail

Posting False Details On Matrimonial Sites Can Land You In Jail Adaptation by public of online platforms not just to shop for articles but also for brides and grooms, has fostered may side effects – online matrimonial scams just being

Beware of Job Offers – It may be a Scam:

Beware of Job Offers – It may be a Scam Criminals are constantly developing new and ingenious way to commit frauds and crimes. One of the most common being “Job scams” or “Fake Jobs” scams which have been a predominant

Deepfakes & Cybercrime!

Deepfakes & Cybercrime! Deep fakes could be simply tools to create content – from satirical virtual content to helping create political propaganda or even complete a movie with an actor, who passed away before shooting for the film was completed.

Senior Citizens – Beware Of Cybercriminals

Senior Citizens – Beware Of Cybercriminals Senior citizens, like children become easy targets for cybercriminals. Fear is a strong motivator used to wrangle data out of senior citizens, who do not want to suffer further inconveniences. Vishing scams – where

Vishing – Phishing Through Phones

VISHING – Phishing Through Phones Vishing attacks are usually fraudulent phone calls made for collecting personal data that includes credit or debit card details and PIN numbers and using such modus, the Criminal then siphons out money from unsuspecting victims.

Cyber Squatting – Illegal Take Over of Domains

CYBER SQUATTING – ILLEGAL TAKE OVER OF DOMAINS Google unsurprisingly is a target for domain squatting or cybersquatting of the domain name “GoogleCoronavirus.com” by a Massachusetts based man. Cybersquatting is the process of pre-emptively registering and blocking possibly valuable domain

Virus Attacks – Beware What You Click

VIRUS ATTACKS – BEWARE WHAT YOU CLICK You’ve installed a new music mixing software “Musicmix” that enables you to mix your favourite songs and put a spin on them. You downloaded it from online onto your laptop and it’s so

Fake News – Check Before You Forward

FAKE NEWS – CHECK BEFORE YOU FORWARD COVID-19 had some unexpected side effects – one such side effect is the awareness it has created amongst public about “fake news” and more importantly the seriousness of spreading it without checking. Some

Victim Rights & Privacy

VICTIM RIGHTS & PRIVACY An increasing concern during the current global pandemic of COVID-19 are security and privacy of the personal details of COVID-19 patients[1]. There have been reports of the personal details (the names and addresses) of quarantined persons

DDOS – From Cybercrime to Cyber Terrorism or even Cyber warfare

DDOS – From Cybercrime to Cyber Terrorism or even Cyber warfare Denial of Service (“DOS”) attacks are a system of spamming your systems in such manner as to deprive the owner of a computer system or its users, access to

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